The Basics

Here you will find helpful tips about how to work with your sewing machine as well as how to sew various seams such as; a French seam, top stitch and under stitch.

You will also find instructions on sewing a hem, inserting gathers and covering buttons.



As a school teacher I prepared dozens of power point presentations for my students, worksheets and more. I converted them to easy listening videos where you can learn about fibers and fabrics. There is even a learning booklet that you can download. It has all the important questions answered and the question & answers booklet is useful to check yourself.


From Fiber to Fabric

Learning should be fun and informative. Let me take you on a journey from the harvesting of fibers to weaving them into fabrics. Knowing your fabrics is a great help when you go shopping. Knowing what you need is half the battle in finding that perfect fabric.


Bias Binding

Here you will find how to apply bias binding to collars and create perfect necklines for your projects. There are also tips on how to cut bias binding quickly and apply them when working with delicate fabrics.



Here you will find how to use piping with collars, necklines and making the perfect rouleaux loop.



Here you will find anything you could want to know about sewing your own zip be it a decorative dress zip, concealed zip or jeans zip. 



Pockets can be tricky to master for beginners, luckily you can find a helpful collection of how to sew various pockets with ease! Here we cover a wide variety of pocket styles including western, flap, zip, patch, welt and more!



Sleeves can likewise be tricky to get right so here are several easy tutorials on how to insert and sew plain, short and cap sleeves.


Drafting a Pattern

Here you can find the basics on how to start drafting your own patterns! Here we use Frocks and Frolics' pattern designs such as the Georgina or Gypsy Skirt to help you learn how to draft the patterns yourself.