Two weeks ago, while chatting with Emily, one of our lovely pattern testers, we had a bright idea. Create a really romantic Vivienne dress and as a special wish it was to have an asymmetrical collar. Sure, I said, let me draw you a pattern and then show how its done by creating an awesome video.

You can find the video tutorial on the Academy by clicking on the images. This beautiful collar is really easy to draft, with our Vivienne Peter Pan collar. And this is how you can draft this stunning asymmetrical collar.

First we have to reduce the outside of the collar, so it will lie flat and not keep pulling up. Mark the collar in three different places.

Cut the collar in those places and overlap just the outer edge by 0,5 cm. Cellotape together and then copy that collar.

Join the pattern in the center front, mark the seam allowance and align those marks. Even out the front and then decide where you want the overlap to be. I would suggest 3 cm below the shoulder.

Now we need to add the overlap. Cellotape the collar to a piece of paper. Place a button directly on the center, so you can see how much space you need above the button to look nice. Then add 1 cm seam allowance. Copy over the added curved shape to the other side of the collar.

And that is it! All finished. The age 2-3 collar is here.

It is so fast and looks just great. Now let’s talk about Emily’s dress, because some of you are just dying to know her secret sauce! Now, my Vivienne has a long waist and to create this look Emily took 1 inch (2.5 cm) off the bodice length. She forgot to add the length to the skirt, so there is no wear in it. Next year it will not fit anymore which is a shame. So don’t forget to lengthen the skirt, if you are shortening the bodice!

She used the short length circle skirt pattern with box pleats for the top skirt and the peplum length for the lining. She then cut 4 x 6.5 inch (16,5 cm) width strips of fabric, that were the full 44 inches long (112 cm), joined them all and finished with a rolled hem on both layers.

I would suggest using the peplum length of the plain circle skirt as underskirt if you want less bulk to work with. And finally lets not forget the beautiful lace Emily inserted in the princess seams and along the hem. Soooo gorgeous. I would love for you to show your collars in the comment section and let us know if this was helpful. Don’t forget the video is super detailed and can be accessed by clicking on the images or here. (Academy Site) If you want to give our You Tube channel some love you can also watch the video tutorial there.

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