This section has the introductory videos for a pattern. You can click on the links which will get you to the listing pages. If you scroll down you will find the tab videos. All videos to do with that pattern will be listed there.



This dress has more options then should be allowed! So check out what you can do, watch the whole series here.


Watch the whole series, including the lovely cat pockets, here.


Watch the whole series here.


Mimi Pinafore

One of my first patterns the Mimi is still a favorite! We also added some gorgeous sunflower pockets to the pattern. They were designed by Thalia, a member of our Facebook group. You can get those too by joining here. The pattern is under files.



Megan Dress

The Megan is another earlier dress pattern of mine. Easy to sew, fully lined without fastenings, it was the ideal pattern for my beginner sewing courses.

 Daisy & Amelie

Watch the whole series here.


Millie is an oldie but a goodie and we have added a pattern mash up to add ruffles and a wrap over front. Watch the whole series here.