Whether you are a student doing your GCSE or 'A' level studies this section will help you understand the fundamentals of fiber, yarn and fabrics. Some of you might just want a few pointers, so I kept this light  and informative... I hope....

Natural Fibers

Natural fibers are what we most gravitate to because they are comfortable to wear and also are 'natural', hence the name. This video is a simple introduction to those fibers. They are eventually turned into yarns and then fabrics. Watch the video and then see if you can do the test.


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 Man made Fibers / Synthetic Fibers

Now these bad boys really are amazing. This video is a bit of a hike through history from the first discovery of rubber as a textile material to the modern swim suits and even wet suits. I love all the old pictures and am such a fan of the 50's swim suits. Needless to say we see them back everywhere now. For a couple of years now the halter bikini with full coverage swimmers is actually very popular again.


Regenerated Fibers

These fibers are awesome! They look like silk but unlike silk they can be washed and ironed like cotton. Perfect fine fibers make beautiful slinky garments with wonderful drape. Have a look and do the test if you dare.


Yarns make the fiber. A poorly spun yarn can really ruin the qualities of a beautiful fiber. Learn why and what 'ply' means :)