Costumes Fairy Tale Dresses

It's a fairy tale dress extravaganza. I made a start with this gorgeous Belle dress and mean to add all of the brothers Grimm princesses in time and give you the opportunity to make something beautiful with lots of support tutorials, which are like private lessons. The wonderful thing is, they are free! I am often asked why I offer all the videos free of charge. The answer always is the same 'because I couldn't pay for it myself when I had a small child'. This little community is about having a hobby that is accessible for everyone wherever they may live and whatever their circumstance. 

The Belle Introduction will tell you all about the pattern, how to cut it out and assemble it, cut out the fabric, which fabrics to use and more. Have a look and see if you would like to make this dress. The listing can be found here.


This video tutorial works with a panel skirt and a jersey back. This means no fastenings at all which makes this dress much easier. It does take time though. No 'quick sew' here! Take your time and enjoy.

Now here we are stepping it up. A gathered skirt and zip fastening with beautiful tulle overlay makes this a princess dress not just for Belle, but would also work very well for sleeping beauty.

Let me show you how to make a quick ribbon rose. I love this idea even if you have to watch out for your fingers, don't prick yourself. I sure did a few times but its still cheaper than buying a finished product.