Wrap and Twist Cardigan


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This is based on the idea of the DNKY cosy. It is basically a rectangle with two armholes!

What you do need is an excellent sleeve pattern and armhole, and I am making this available as free download to my customers. I have watched the countless videos on how to wrap them and there is always a new interesting version. There are three versions on there.

The first uses just 1m for the body and 70cm for the sleeves with enough fabric left for a matching top to go underneath. The second is basically cutting the rectangle lengthways and therefore giving it a much longer front. You need 2.20m. The third one is my own version which comes out more fitted and is a fab compliment to a smart look.

Wear it with jeans and some clunky jewellery and you are casual/smart. I could go on and on here.....

I used my overlocker on rolled edge hem to make this super fast cardigan. If you don't have an overlocker, use the shorter black version which has two gorgeous ties you can wrap and tie around your waist, and is fully lined.


Sewing in a straight line

Sewing a curve

Fitting a sleeve


Its a one size fits all really, the only difference is the sleeve which comes in small, medium and large.

UK size 8,10,12 & 14

US size 6,8,10 & 12

Germany: 34,36,38 & 40


  • Sewing machine
  • Viscose and bamboo fibre are fabulous for it!
  • Depending on style, 1.5 yards - 2 yards

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