Vivienne goes to Paris

Hawthorne threads posted all about their magical 'Parapluie' collection. Read here what glorious lovely things they have made with this new print and of course our super special 'Vivienne' pattern. Thank you Hawthorne Threads

French for umbrella, Parapluie takes us on a walk through Paris in the rain. From "bicyclettes", to cobblestone streets, famous landmarks, palatial buildings, quaint neighborhoods and even a little escargot, this city is one to be enjoyed "en plein air." Since we still had snow on the ground here in New York at the time of the shoot, we had to improvise and created an indoor Paris all our own, complete with a table-side view of the city, and even a little indoor rain shower...

Parapluie Fabric Umbrellas 2

At a table set for two, my daughter Annie and her friend Annabel enjoyed a leisurely luncheon, dressed in their beautiful Vivienne Dresses.

The girls worked on perfecting their Parisian accents as they ordered their "macarons" and "chocolat chaud".

Here's a better look at Annie's Vivienne Dress in the Indigo. Naturally we needed some good wellies as there was a distinct chance of rain in my office. We used this Boot Liner Tutorial from Studio Cherie.

 After their lunch date, it was time for a stroll through the streets of Paris for these two belles. Better grab those Raincoats and custom Parapluies!

As for those puffy clouds, we used this fun Tutorial from The Farm Chicks.

So what are you waiting for get your Parisian fabric at Hawthorne threads today and have fun with it!