Welcome to our affiliate scheme! I am so glad you have popped in. Maybe you love to sew and would like to earn some money with it but don't want to actually run a business.

Perhaps you have a successful blog and would like to feature our pattern banner so that you get a percentage of the sales.

What ever way you arrived at this page let's make it work and really go places together.

Here is how it works:

Tier 1:

Facebook fan and hobby sewer who loves Frocks & Frolics patterns and wants that  extra bit of cash in your pocket. No matter how many sales arrive here through your link you will receive 25%.

Tier 2: 

You are an avid blogger who loves sewing, will add our add to your blog and feature new patterns. As soon as you reach 50 sales a month you receive 40% commission.

Tier 3:  

Partners! You are more than a little involved, run a blog, sell more than 70 patterns a month and  sew well. If you are creative with how you use the patterns, I will feature your blog in my blog too and tutorials will feature in my library alongside Frocks & Frolics posts. To test new patterns you will also receive fabric parcels to really help you pack a punch.

Are you super charged already? Let's do it! Sign up and start earning together.