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Welcome to my site!

I am Marina and what I would call a ‘sewing veteran’. I never sewed successfully when I was a teenager, it was a chore and the patterns never made sense to me. Still, I wanted to learn badly, so I became an apprentice for 3 years and learnt the trade from a master tailor. Needless to say I needed to see everything quite a number of times before I got it. Once I understood something, I was away sewing up a storm and loving it!

Roll on 30 years of sewing, teaching, a degree and much experience in the fashion industry. Four years ago I started converting, the patterns I had accumulated over the years into downloadable sewing patterns. My business advisor suggested going on You Tube producing instructions. I laughed at first, as I am not the most extrovert person and very self conscious. What I needed to do when I learnt, was to simply see it. So now you can see what I do and follow suit. I am even brave enough now to show my face and do a small introduction.

Most websites charge to access a library of videos and the patterns on top of that. Here you get all the videos free, no charge at all, and all you need to get is the pattern. Each pattern has numerous videos to go with it. Usually a pattern explanation and then a few videos showing the same pattern sewn in different ways. There are over 300 videos now for you to get lost in!

The Sewing Workshop is fairly new and under construction but the You Tube Play list is already accessible. Learn simple techniques such as hems and seams, advance to binding and piping and if you are brave work your way through all the zip videos and welt pockets.

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