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This website is all about quality patterns and sewing instructions. You probably noticed that there isn’t any advertising on this site. I would like to find the best resources for you and recommend them, not because they are paying for it, but because they are actually good at what they do or sell.

I have finalized the details for my online and community ‘Sewing Workshop’ which will take 3 novices from knowing very little to making fabulous evening outfits. To create a base for the school and run fun and fab affordable courses for you to view on You Tube or take part in here in Los Angeles I have set up a Go Fund Me account. Luckily our new home also has a workshop attached to it which makes things a whole lot easier and cheaper, so I can get started right away!  

I am currently looking for 3 ladies in the Culver City / Los Angeles area who will join me once a week during school term time and learn how to ‘Sew like a Pro’ .

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